We are working on a stream of ideas right now, including applications as disparate as Learning, Automotive, Media, Marketing and Electronics. Example;

'Bloocat Device No.1' is a device that synthetically creates sound in response to inputs (acceleration, steering etc.) within a moving vehicle. The sounds that Bloocat generates are designed to appeal to the aural instincts of drivers and pedestrians alike.

"Why it is different or better than its competitors"

- 'Bloocat' differs from competitor products in the simplified technology it applies for improved sound outcomes, its potential for application with hybrid and battery electric vehicles and its ability to generate sounds mapped more faithfully against driver input.

"Why the timing is right for commercial application of the device"

- 'Bloocat' is suited to application with hybrid/electric vehicles - a growing world market. Supported by planned legislation, sound-generating technologies in hybrid vehicles will also stimulate consumer interest from drivers of conventional technologies. 'Bloocat' can also be applied to influence driver behaviour in a way that reduces vehicle emissions and encourages safer, more efficient driving.


- 'Bloocat' technology is subject to an existing Patent application including an inventive step that simplifies and enhances the method for matching vehicle sound with vehicle inputs. A competitor product (with different technology) has proven market demand with global sales in 33 countries under way since 2008.


10.12.2010 - Meeting with Martin and Lee to discuss software design and Patented technology.

06.12.2010 - Market analysis document reaches draft 2.3 and nears completion.

01.12.2010 - TheBlooCat.co.uk is updated to include Contact info, news and About section.

18.10.2010 - Market analysis on related products and the automotive industry begins in Bristol for Bloo Cat Device No.1